An Introduction to the Site
by Fereydoun Hoveyda

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On the 20th anniversary of the tragic demise of my dear brother Amir Abbas Hoveyda, I dedicate this site to his memory and thus will begin mainly with him. The site is also in loving remembrance of my beloved mother, Afsar-ol-Molouk Fatmeh (Sardari-Qajar), my father Habibollah Eynol-Molk and members of my family who have left the scene.

As the century winds up and we are about to enter a new Millennium, our family finds itself sadly scattered throughout the world although some are still in our cherished homeland. Most family members do keep in touch, but at times, our younger generation lacks knowledge about their elders and even their contemporaries. As a consequence, one of the site's aims is to inform them as well as more distant family members and their friends.