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"A patriot with ideas and an orchid..."

Hoveyda, Chirac, allocution et une photo!
"La Voie de la Raison," a view as timely today as ever...
Brave acts and a unique photo! - Java
Another Photo
Hoveyda and the Clergy
Iran in 1985, 1975 Interview with "Le Monde"

For the Records


Fereydoun Hoveyda Video

An Introduction to the Site
by Fereydoun Hoveyda.

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And you will find many articles, books and Photos on  Amir Abbas Hoveyda,
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A Photo of Hoveyda and his Mother - by Kaveh Sardari

In Pursuit of a Common Goal

Reporter Jane Crane writes about Hoveyda on the occasion of his 56th birthday. A photo of Hoveyda receiving a kiss from his mother.

The Who is Who in France  Appeals.

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan's letter

From Journal de Genève and CICR

Jean d'Ormesson - Le  Figaro

Letters & Messages
.. I feel compelled to write you this letter on behalf of my old friend, Amir Abbas Hoveyda, former Prime Minister of Iran. It is incomprehensible to me that, by tactical design or otherwise on the part of those recently advising the Shah, this man of all men should have been placed under  arrest by those who succeeded him... My concern is that he not be made a "scapegoat"  for the errors and shortcomings of others. His life is an open ledger known to all responsible people and former and present officials in Iran. If you examine his personal affairs, you will find that Amir Abbas Hoveyda is one of the few Iranian official who finished his public duty without a penny more than when he entered public service. I have always been impressed In my dealings with him, by his integrity, honesty and commitment to the development of the democratic process within Iran, despite the political difficulties under which he had to perform. David E. Morse - ILO

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
By Parviz C. Radji, Personal Assistant to A.A. Hoveyda

Hoveyda, as he was...
"Elpis of Alabama" by Saïdeh Pakravan

Hoveyda by Dr. M. SAFA

Dr. Nassir Assar remembers

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Above in 1944, army officer Amir Abbas Hoveyda shakes the hand of the Shah of Iran

An Editorial by Édouard Sablier
Read a commentary on Hoveyda's murder in "Radio France Inter," together with excerpts and appeals
published in Sablier's "IRAN - La Poudrière."

Fereydoun Hoveyda & The Shah of Iran
A photo at Noshahr. Are Iran's halcyon days gone for good?


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  • Hoveyda in India - Video
    courtesy Amb. Tadjbakhsh


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The Persian Sphinx
by Abbas Milani

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The Arrest of   Hoveyda
A book by Saïdeh Pakravan

My brother Amir Abbas Hoveyda  was executed on April 7, 1979, and this date will remain a shameful day in Iran's history. Let us ask ourselves "What are the qualities of a good statesman?" A good statesman is one who puts the interests of others above his own. He is a public servant who asks no more of others than he himself is willing to do. He must be  selfless, not self-serving. He is a patriot we, our children. and our children's children can look up to and remember. He is not perfect, but he is willing to accept responsibility for his errors, along with the consequences. For him, substance is his hallmark. Style or an orchid is just an afterthought. He is not necessarily handsome, but he is a beautiful person.  He is a person of character, integrity and principle. He is willing to sacrifice greatly for those he serves and, if necessary, lay down his life for them. Perhaps Amir Abbas Hoveyda was not all of that, but he certainly was most of it, he did not want to leave our homeland and he gave his life for Iran...  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many  messages of remembrance and support  - Fereydoun Hoveyda, VA, USA.

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